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Injured While Riding Your Motorcycle?

When hiring an attorney for your motorcycle accident, the first question you should ask is “do you ride?” because you want someone who understands the risks you face on your bike. At Randall & Stump, Criminal Defense Attorneys, in Charlotte, one of our attorneys rides on a daily basis and has himself been in a motorcycle accident after being run off the road by an inattentive driver.

While a lot of attorneys will advertise for motorcycle accidents, they themselves never even ride. As a rider, you want a skilled and knowledgeable attorney who has been through it himself. You get both at Randall & Stump, Criminal Defense Attorneys.

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We Can Help You Navigate North Carolina’s Complex Personal Injury Laws

While motorcycle accidents are handled the same way under the law as automobile accidents, the perception of motorcyclists by the non-riding public can be different. Due to some of the more aggressive riders, motorcyclists as a group are sometimes viewed as being negligent just for being on a bike. The perception is unfortunate because motorcycle riders are some of the most defensive drivers on the road — usually out of necessity.

Additionally, North Carolina is one of the four remaining states with contributory negligence laws. That means that if the other party (i.e., insurance company) can prove that you share responsibility for the accident, even just a small amount, your entire claim for compensation can be in jeopardy.

Our lawyers will examine all the factors of your accident and determine who was at fault, helping you build the strongest claim possible that can stand up to contributory negligence laws. We can also help you secure a rental vehicle, get your motorcycle repaired and help you find proper medical treatment.