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Uber & Lyft Accidents

After being hurt in a car accident, you hope for a swift resolution. When you are focused on recovering from your injuries or spending time with family after the death of a loved one, you do not want to waste time on a lengthy and contentious insurance claim. Unfortunately, the process following crash will not always be fast. Various complexities and disputes following a car accident slow the process down. They require more thorough investigations, analyzing liability, hiring witnesses, negotiating settlements, and in some cases – going to trial. This can be true after an accident with an Uber driver or another rideshare company.

When you are hit by an Uber, Lyft, or other rideshare vehicle, or you were a Lyft or Uber car accident passenger, then you may face a complicated insurance claim process. It is best to contact an Uber accident lawyer to represent you and get you through this process as efficiently as possible. Our other vehicle accident lawyers in Charlotte, NC are here to help after you incur harm in a collision.

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Common Causes of Uber and Lyft Accidents

Lyft, Uber, and other rideshare accidents happen for all sorts of reasons. Drivers for Lyft and Uber drivers are not professionals, despite being paid to drive you from point A to point B. They are not better trained in driving than anyone else with an ordinary driver’s license. That means Lyft and Uber drivers are just as likely as anyone else to cause an accident due to:

  • Speeding
  • Distracted driving
  • Drowsy driving
  • Driving recklessly or aggressively
  • Driving while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs
  • Failing to stop at stop signs and red lights
  • Failing to yield the right of way
  • Failing to maintain their vehicle

After an accident that was caused by or occurred in a rideshare vehicle, you need to contact an Uber accident attorney as soon as possible. By hiring a lawyer, you have someone to conduct an independent investigation into the accident. Your lawyer will strive to obtain evidence regarding what happened and why. This enables you to move forward with an insurance claim, and when necessary, a personal injury suit against the right person or business.

I Was a Passenger in an Uber When it Crashed, What Should I Do?

Our Uber accident lawyers are often contacted by individuals who were riding in an Uber or Lyft when it crashed, whether due to the rideshare driver’s negligence or another car. No matter who is at fault, we are here to protect you. If you were hurt in the accident, we are here to work with Uber or Lyft’s auto insurance provider and obtain you the compensation you deserve under the law. Even if you were not hurt, you will likely be asked to provide a statement. It is best if you speak with an Uber and Lyft accident lawyer before speaking with an insurance adjuster or another attorney. We can help you prepare for making a statement to an insurer or in court, while ensuring your rights and privacy remain fully protected.

What to Do After an Uber Driver Hits Your Car

If you were driving your own vehicle and were struck by a rideshare driver, call our Uber accident lawyers at Randall & Stump, Criminal Defense Attorneys right away. We have experience in handling rideshare crashes. We will thoroughly investigate the accident to determine what the other driver did to cause the collision. We will determine whether the other driver was working for Lyft or Uber at the time of the accident. Just because they have an Uber and/or Lyft logo on their vehicle, does not mean they were signed into the app at the time. If they were working, we will determine whether they had accepted a ride request or had a passenger at the time of the accident. All of these factors can include who is liable for your injuries and the policy limit available.

If the at-fault driver was not working at the time, then we will pursue compensation from that driver’s personal auto insurance coverage. However, if they were signed into the Lyft or Uber app and were working, then you may have a claim against a Lyft or Uber accident policy. Depending on whether the driver had accepted a ride or not, the Uber accident insurance limit will vary.

Lyft and Uber Car Insurance Coverage

If your car was hit by an Uber or Lyft driver who was working, or you were hurt as a passenger in a rideshare vehicle, then you may file an insurance claim against Lyft or Uber’s car insurance policy. The policy limit depends on where the driver was in the ride process.

Lyft provides contingent liability insurance for drivers who are waiting for ride requests. Its limit is $50,000 per person, $100,000 per accident for bodily injuries, and $25,000 for property damage. Once a driver accepts a ride request or has a passenger in the vehicle, Lyft provides primary auto liability, contingent comprehensive, contingent collision, and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. The primary liability coverage has a limit of $1 million.

For Uber drivers who are waiting for a ride request, they have bodily injury liability coverage of $50,000 per person, $100,000 per accident, and property damage coverage of $25,000. When an Uber driver has accepted a ride request and has a passenger, there is third-party liability coverage up to $1 million. The company also offers contingent comprehensive coverage and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage.

Whether you were in another car or were hurt as a passenger, do not assume you will get an Uber accident settlement quickly. Uber’s insurer is not interested in handing out large checks every time there is an accident. To obtain a fair insurance settlement after a rideshare accident, you will benefit from an Uber accident lawyer representing you and negotiating for an appropriate sum.

Potential Uber Insurance Issues

If you need to file a claim against Uber or Lyft for compensation after a crash, we highly recommend being represented by an experienced lawyer. You may run into a number of issues which could delay or reduce a settlement. Certain problems could cause you to lose out on a settlement altogether.

An Uber accident lawyer can help you avoid or address insurance issues such as:

  • Being required to pursue an insurance settlement from the vehicle owner’s insurer first
  • Disputes regarding the type and extent of your injuries
  • Negotiations regarding the value of your non-economic damages
  • Disputes over whether you were partly at fault

You should be particularly concerned about allegations of negligence when an Uber or Lyft driver hit your car. North Carolina is a strict contributory negligence state. This means that if you are found to be in any way responsible for the accident, you will not receive any compensation. Uber or Lyft’s insurers can use your tiny amount of fault to deny you a settlement. In these cases, it is imperative to investigate whether the Uber or Lyft driver had the last clear chance to avoid the accident, which puts the responsibility back on them, despite their insurer alleging you were contributorily negligent.