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Being falsely accused of a crime by police is scary and frustrating. It doesn’t matter that you know you’re innocent. You could face the consequences and stigma if your family, friends, employer, and other community members find out.

It’s tempting to defend yourself on your own or use every available platform to announce your innocence. However, the criminal justice system is complex, and most people do not know enough to exert their legal rights fully. A strong legal advocate will protect and defend you.

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What To Do When You Are Falsely Accused

This advice might go against every instinct you have, but you should not try to defend yourself. You could inadvertently make things worse and jeopardize your case.

Instead, follow these suggestions from a defense attorney in Charlotte, NC:

  • Do not talk about the accusations with others
  • Do not talk with or about the alleged victim
  • Do not post on social media about the situation
  • Make your social media private, and do not accept any new requests
  • Do not answer a police officer or law enforcement agent’s questions
  • Do not let the police into your home or vehicle without a warrant
  • Hire a criminal defense lawyer immediately

If false allegations lead to your arrest, try to remain calm. Do not resist arrest. You may invoke your right to remain silent and politely refuse all questions until a criminal defense lawyer is by your side. A lawyer with Randall & Stump, Criminal Defense Attorneys, will be there as soon as possible after you call.

A Lawyer Defends You Against False Allegations

There’s more you can do to challenge false accusations. By hiring Randall & Stump, you have someone to investigate the allegations against you independently of the police. We may interview you, friends, family members, acquaintances, coworkers, and alleged witnesses.

We carefully review the accusations and scrutinize your accuser’s possible motives:

  • Is there evidence of a crime, or is it a fabricated story?
  • Are you going through a bad breakup?
  • Are you and your accuser getting divorced?
  • Is there a paternity case or child custody battle?
  • Does your accuser regret your previous relationship?
  • Are you and your accuser in a dispute over money or another asset?

We’ll gather evidence that supports your innocence, such as information about an alibi. We might know you were visiting family or on a video call with friends at the time of the crime.

In some cases, we gather enough evidence to go to the police or prosecutor and help you avoid criminal charges. If the police or prosecution decides to pursue the wrong person, we’ll be ready to defend you in court aggressively.

What To Do if You Are Arrested or Summoned

Police conduct criminal investigations to find a suspect. They are under pressure to make arrests and close cases. If the police believe they have enough evidence against you, they may:

  • Go to a judge and ask for an arrest warrant for a misdemeanor or felony offense.
  • Go to a judge or magistrate and ask for a criminal summons that requires you to appear in court.
  • Hand over a felony case to the local or federal prosecutor.

If you’re arrested or receive a criminal summons, call a criminal defense lawyer immediately. Remember to remain calm, polite, and silent until your lawyer arrives.

Are You Ready To Protect & Defend Yourself?

If you think someone has accused you of a crime, call Randall & Stump, Criminal Defense Lawyers. Depending on the circumstances, we may help you avoid arrest or criminal charges entirely.

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