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New methods tested to determine DWI by marijuana

With marijuana becoming legal in many states, authorities in North Carolina are considering methods to determine whether drivers are impaired by this substance. DWI cases that involve marijuana are tough for inexperienced officers to investigate. Few officers are trained to use the 12-step test to determine drug impairment, and for the rest, it remains a guessing game.

A North Carolina company is currently testing a system by which oral fluid is tested for the presence of THC, which is the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana that causes impairment. The test is done by analyzing a cotton swab that is placed in the mouth of a suspected impaired driver for several minutes. However, although it is said that the test is 100 percent effective, it can still only determine the presence of marijuana and not the level of impairment.

Teen faces violent crimes charges after robbery at gunpoint

When juveniles in North Carolina face criminal charges, they will likely recognize the severity of their predicaments. When a teenager realizes that a conviction could include prison time, fines and probation, he or she will naturally consider his or her defense options. The potential consequences can be particularly severe if it involves violent crimes.

Police in Charlotte reported that they arrested a 15-year-old youth on a recent Wednesday. According to the officers, they were called to the scene of an armed robbery at approximately 8 a.m. Upon arrival, they found a man who claimed to have been pistol whipped. He reported that he was robbed by a gun-wielding youth who then fled the scene in the company of a second youth, and both headed toward a nearby school.


In North Carolina, there are a number of theft crimes people get charged with and depending on the facts of the case, the same criminal conduct could lead to felony charges versus being charged with a misdemeanor.  Below, we will touch on what constitutes the charge of Shoplifting and/or Concealment of Goods in North Carolina and the ways someone can be punished, if convicted.shoplifting.jpg

Hospital director of finance pleads guilty to white collar crimes

According to a report by the U.S. Department of Justice, a 46-year-old Kernersville woman pleaded guilty to multiple felony charges on a recent Tuesday. The woman, who had been working in the finance and accounting department of a North Carolina hospital for over 20 years, apparently stole over $3 million from her employer. The federal charges for white collar crimes included embezzlement that involved bank and wire fraud along with aggravated identity theft.

The woman is said to have embezzled the funds by making multiple transfers from a subsidiary account of the hospital into a Wells Fargo account. Reportedly, the funds were used to pay off loans and credit cards and to buy a BMW and a Harley-Davidson. Apparently, a variety of Louis Vuitton products were found in her possession upon her arrest.

Driver of stationary car in turn lane faces DWI charge

Consuming alcohol before driving can have serious consequences. Even if a driver who is intoxicated did not cause an accident, and he or she was found just sitting in a car and not driving, being behind the steering wheel with a key in the ignition could be seen as driving while intoxicated. This was underscored when a North Carolina driver was arrested on a recent Saturday morning. A 46-year-old man from Greensburg is now facing DWI charges.

According to an arrest report that was filed by police in Lady Lake, officers became suspicious when they noticed a stationary vehicle in the turn lane at an intersection on Highway 27. The report indicates that an officer approached the vehicle shortly before 2 a.m. The driver allegedly confessed to having a couple of alcoholic beverages.

Drug convictions come with serious collateral consequences

Drug convictions are sometimes thought of as minor blips on a criminal record, but this is far from the truth. These convictions can actually impact you for the rest of your life, even if the conviction is a misdemeanor. You are going to have to deal with court-imposed penalties for the conviction. The consequences that go beyond those court-imposed ones are known as collateral consequences.

A collateral consequence isn't likely to end once you have completed the sentence the court handed out. The collateral consequences might impact every aspect of your life. Here are some points to know about these consequences of a drug conviction:

Women accused of drug offenses after North Carolina traffic stop

When North Carolina police officers in Myrtle Beach recently noticed a car with a piece of cloth hanging over one license plate, they pulled the driver off the road. This traffic stop ultimately put the two occupants of the car behind bars for drug offenses. The incident report indicates that some drugs were identified as soon as the officers approached the vehicle.

Reportedly, the car was occupied by two women, ages 18 and 20. After asking one of the occupants of the car to give up the marijuana, officers apparently searched the vehicle. Marijuana was discovered in one woman's purse, and the other suspect then allegedly admitted to also having two bags of marijuana in a prescription bottle in her purse. During the vehicle search, officers claim they found a digital scale and a pack of bags along with two pipes and a BB gun.

Hip-hop band members accused of white collar crimes

Police detectives in Charlotte, North Carolina said residents might be surprised at the prevalence of identity fraud that takes place in all communities. This is one of the white collar crimes in which friends, neighbors and relatives are often the victims of criminals. Seven members of a local hip-hop band were recently indicted in federal court after investigators claim they found evidence of involvement in complicated fraud schemes.

Reportedly, these individuals are facing charges for financial crimes totaling more than $1.2 million in identity theft and bank fraud. Particular details about this case were not made available, except allegations that the band members used fraudulent methods to obtain jewelry, cash and cars that they then flaunted on social media. An investigator says identity theft is often carried out by groups of people who involve friends and family in their scams.

7 arrested in North Carolina for various drug offenses

Federal officials and North Carolina law enforcement pursue drug-related crimes with aggression, and consequences of a conviction could be devastating to the life of any person who is accused of such crimes. It could mean stiff fines, jail time and might even lead to rejections of job or housing applications if drug offenses show up in background checks. However, convictions can only be obtained if, and when, guilt beyond a reasonable doubt has been established.

This may be the consequences of convictions for seven people who were recently arrested. Along with another man who is still at large, they are all accused of dealing in drugs. A federal court has indicted the seven individuals for charges that include money laundering and drug trafficking.

Driver faces DWI charges after 2-car crash that injured 5

When a person faces drunk driving charges in North Carolina, it does not necessarily mean he or she will be convicted. However, if a driver is convicted of DWI, the consequences can be life-changing. Along with steep fines, a driver's license suspension and increased rates for insurance, there may be probation or even time behind bars. If drunk driving caused death or injuries to others, the stakes could be even higher.

A 32-year-old who allegedly caused a drunk driving accident was arrested after a two-vehicle crash on a recent Wednesday night. Authorities say the man was operating a van that struck a sedan on U.S. 64 as he was exiting the off-ramp for Interstate 85. Reportedly, the driver was ejected upon impact and then was admitted to a hospital. His condition was reported to be stable.

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