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7 arrested in North Carolina for various drug offenses

Federal officials and North Carolina law enforcement pursue drug-related crimes with aggression, and consequences of a conviction could be devastating to the life of any person who is accused of such crimes. It could mean stiff fines, jail time and might even lead to rejections of job or housing applications if drug offenses show up in background checks. However, convictions can only be obtained if, and when, guilt beyond a reasonable doubt has been established.

This may be the consequences of convictions for seven people who were recently arrested. Along with another man who is still at large, they are all accused of dealing in drugs. A federal court has indicted the seven individuals for charges that include money laundering and drug trafficking.

Driver faces DWI charges after 2-car crash that injured 5

When a person faces drunk driving charges in North Carolina, it does not necessarily mean he or she will be convicted. However, if a driver is convicted of DWI, the consequences can be life-changing. Along with steep fines, a driver's license suspension and increased rates for insurance, there may be probation or even time behind bars. If drunk driving caused death or injuries to others, the stakes could be even higher.

A 32-year-old who allegedly caused a drunk driving accident was arrested after a two-vehicle crash on a recent Wednesday night. Authorities say the man was operating a van that struck a sedan on U.S. 64 as he was exiting the off-ramp for Interstate 85. Reportedly, the driver was ejected upon impact and then was admitted to a hospital. His condition was reported to be stable.

What to do if you are pulled over for DWI

Most North Carolina drivers know that they should never drive if they are intoxicated. However, if a driver should be pulled over by law enforcement after one or two drinks, he or she may want to know how to act to prevent legal action that might have jeopardizing consequences. If a driver avoids erratic or unsafe driving, chances of a wrongful arrest for DWI might be minimized.

Having a designated driver is the safest option, but the officer must have probable cause to make an arrest, and if the driver is cautious and does not provide such cause, an arrest might be avoided. However, a driver who is pulled over must park safely and do nothing suspicious. If all the instructions of the officer are obeyed, there may be no reason for concern. Politely interacting with the police officer may also be beneficial.

White collar crimes may have severe consequences

Two men from another country were recently arrested in North Carolina. They are accused of white collar crimes involving the cloning of credit cards. Authorities in Bladen County claim the two individuals were in possession of 326 cloned credit cards at the time of their arrests.

It is alleged that the men obtained identifying and account information of others by using card-skimming devices. Those details were then allegedly used to clone the credit cards. Reportedly, law enforcement received notice from the State Employees Credit Union about cash withdrawals being made at one of its ATM points with fraudulent credit cards. Bank officials had apparently tracked the two men while they withdrew cash from several ATMs.

Drunk driving accidents can lead to increased penalties

The impacts of drunk driving charges can't be denied. You face considerable penalties that range from administrative and criminal to collateral. Each of these can make your life very difficult. They can change how you are able to live and can even affect your job possibilities.

Not all charges related to drunk driving are equal. First time offenses are usually handled in a less severe manner than subsequent offenses. Other charges can stem from the circumstances of the incident. One thing that can have a big impact on the charges and penalties you face is whether there was an accident.

Authorities say nursing home negligence led to patient's death

Deciding to have an elderly loved one admitted to a nursing home is never easy. However, in most cases, a family would take such steps because they cannot provide the round-the-clock care that the loved one needs. Unfortunately, many families in North Carolina and elsewhere have been disillusioned by nursing home negligence that has killed a beloved parent or grandparent.

According to a report by the Department of Human Services in another state, a 77-year-old nursing home patient who had Alzheimer's disappeared from a nursing home in August. Alzheimer's disease is a progressive disease that destroys mental functions such as memory. Reportedly, a staff member noticed the patient's absence, but only reported it about 90 minutes later.

What does a DWI conviction mean for my insurance rates?


In North Carolina, a DWI conviction, whether by being found guilty at trial or pleading guilty, will result in long lasting consequences, beyond having a criminal conviction on your record and associated punishment by the judge.  The North Carolina DMV uses a point system in determining license suspensions.  After accumulating twelve (12) license points, the DMV in North Carolina issues a revocation of that person's driving privileges within the state.  A DWI conviction carries with it twelve (12) license points, which results in, at a minimum, a one year license revocation in North Carolina.  The consequence of this revocation is that it then gets reported to your insurance company, which can cause a number of issues such as a premium increase or even worse, your coverage being dropped.

Too many motorcycle accidents caused by drunk car drivers

Motorcycle riders in North Carolina are typically exposed to more dangers than occupants of automobiles. Without the protection of the body of the vehicle, seat belts, airbags and other features that keep motorists safe, bikers are incredibly vulnerable. Along with having to face these risks, impaired vehicle operators also pose significant hazards that could cause devastating motorcycle accidents.

One of many such crashes in which a driver of a car is suspected of being drunk occurred on a recent Sunday evening. Traffic investigators say the accident that happened in Gastonia and caused road closures that stretched into Monday morning. Although the circumstances believed to have caused the accident were not reported, a preliminary report indicates that the motorcycle was struck by the car.

Embezzlement and Larceny by Employee

It seems that we are getting calls more and more frequently from people accused of Larceny by Employee and Larceny by Employee. On common thread in all of these calls is the process with which they come to us. I thought it would be helpful for anyone accused of Embezzlement or larceny by employee to understand that process.

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