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The true costs of drunk driving

Each year, about 10,000 drivers die on American roads in crashes involving alcohol. These alcohol-impaired deaths represent some 28% of all road fatalities in the United States 2019. Along with the emotional costs, road accidents cost the nation $49 billion in medical bills and work loss, according to the CDC. Extrapolating those figures, we found that drunk drivers are at the root of an expensive $13.7 billion in medical expenses and lost wages.

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How Driver’s License Points Work, and How Much They’ll Cost You

In sports, scoring points is a good thing. With driving, it’s not. One way states can track unsafe driving behaviors is through a points system. Driver’s license points are negative marks on your driving record that you get when you’re convicted of a moving violation.

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Are Ignition Interlock Devices Required After DUI Sentencing?

Under certain circumstances, an ignition interlock device is required as part of DUI/DWI sentencing in North Carolina. In fact, many states have made the ignition interlock device (IID) mandatory for a drunk driving conviction.

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