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These Men Don’t Play Games

Posted by C.G., a criminal defense client

“Ryan was my rock in the storm of my defense. His knowledge of procedure and law is beyond worth. If you need professional representation at a fair fee, look no further than right here. These men don’t play games.”

One of Charlotte’s best lawyers

Posted by a criminal defense client

After interviewing several lawyers and within 10 minutes of speaking with Ryan, I was confident that Mr. Stump was the best choice to handle my case. His diligence, work ethic, professionalism and legal expertise are not just the qualities that win cases, but also make him a trustworthy lawyer people can rely on. Unlike most lawyers who pitch a business approach to winning cases, Ryan pitches the actual law and gives clients the realities of their legal situations. He doesn’t sugarcoat the law. He works hard to uphold the law, while simultaneously providing excellent legal service that makes clients feel secure. He has a diverse résumé of experiences from all types of people that gives him the ability to tackle any legal situation. There is no case Ryan cannot handle. Ryan is very professional in law, but he is also down to earth, making him an excellent lawyer to work with. He can make clients feel confident in their legal situation. Besides his ability to reply to emails and phone calls promptly, arrive early for meetings, be flexible in scheduling, and be patient to handle the many questions I had, I am beyond grateful for Ryan’s legal services mostly because he is a person I can trust. That is what drives clients such as myself to work with him.

Proactive representation

Posted by a client

Facing possible indictment, I had to seek representation. I had the great fortune of being introduced to Ryan Stump. From the beginning, Ryan gave complete attention to my situation, never judged, never rushed. Ryan made himself available to me by office meetings and by phone, even on the weekends. I could tell that Ryan had familiarized himself with any paperwork (discovery) that had been presented against my person. Not once did I ever feel unsure about his advice or his direction. Ryan proactively approached the prosecuting attorney, which I feel helped to keep me from indictment. Thank you, Ryan!

Our experience

Posted by Meg, a criminal defense client

Our son got himself into a terrible situation in which he was arrested and was facing felony charges. This was all happening four states away from where we live. Attorney Stump held weekly, scheduled phone conferences with us to keep us up to date on the progress of our son’s case. He was always attentive during our conference calls and was willing to spend as much time as needed on the phone with us. Attorney Stump also worked diligently to get the charges lessened as much as possible … During a family crisis such as this, we could not have asked for a more professional, knowledgeable and compassionate person than we found in Ryan Stump. The outcome of our son’s case was the best-case scenario short of charges being dropped. I would highly recommend Mr. Stump to anyone who might find themselves in need of a caring and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney.

Great results … !

Posted by a fraud client

Ryan was extremely helpful in working through a situation that could have turned out to be a major problem. Having him act on my behalf definitely resulted in a better outcome than had I tried to work through the problem on my own. He communicated well and was available to get together on Saturdays, etc., to go through the issues. Highly recommended.

Excellent DWI attorney

Posted by Ted, a DUI client

Through Ryan’s diligence and attention to detail, my DWI was recently dismissed. Unfortunately, pressure from political organizations like MADD causes law enforcement officers and the court system to behave as if you are guilty until proven innocent. … Without proper legal counsel, it would have been impossible to right the wrong that occurred. I highly recommend Ryan Stump and offer my deepest gratitude to him and his entire team. Thanks again.