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Trucking accidents: Cement truck tips over onto minivan

On behalf of Randall & Stump, PLLC in Trucking Accidents on Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Whenever passenger vehicles are involved in crashes with commercial trucks, the occupants of the passenger vehicles typically have little chance of escaping injury or worse. In trucking accidents, the sheer weight of large trucks could be enough to crush smaller vehicles. The North Carolina occupants of a minivan were fortunate to survive a recent accident involving a cement truck.

Troopers reported that the accident occurred on N.C. Highway 49 on a recent Wednesday morning. An accident report indicates that a cement truck driver made a right turn from the highway at an excessive rate of speed. Apparently, he lost control of the vehicle, and it tipped over, landing on a minivan.

Authorities say the minivan was occupied by a woman and three teenage girls. The driver and one teen were rushed to a hospital by helicopter while an ambulance transported the other two girls to the hospital. The cement truck driver’s injuries were reported not to be serious. The accident investigation is ongoing.

Victims of trucking accidents in North Carolina will likely face challenging times with mounting medical bills and possible loss of income. These losses may be recovered by the filing of personal injury lawsuits in a civil court. The process can be complicated, requiring the plaintiffs to establish negligence before the court will award monetary judgments. An experienced personal injury attorney can determine whether the driver and the owner of the truck could be named as defendants. The lawyer can also assist with the documentation of financial losses and emotional damages sustained, including potential future costs related to the accident that could be included in the claims presented to the court for adjudication.

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