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Protecting Your Professional License Against DWI Charges

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Monday, June 8, 2020

Handcuffs and alcohol may be your concern after a DWI arrest

In the wake of a DWI arrest, you may be worried about the fines you’ll be required to pay, possible jail time, and the fact that you may no longer have a driver’s license. Few people think about the effect a DWI can have on their professional license. In many fields, a DWI arrest or conviction represents a serious lapse in judgment, one that may extend to one’s professional capabilities. If you have been arrested for driving while impaired, learn more about protecting your professional license against DWI charges.

Do You Need to Report Your DWI?

It should be a top priority to remain compliant with all reporting requirements set forth by your licensing board. Many licensing boards require members to report specific criminal violations, and DWI arrests are often on that list. When you speak with your criminal defense lawyer, they can advise you on whether or not you have to report your arrest to the appropriate licensing authorities and may be able to assist you in making the necessary reports. Failing to meet these requirements could immediately put your professional license in danger.

How a DWI May Threaten Your Career

Over the years, more and more professional fields have become subject to governmental oversight and licensing regulations. This means that an increasing amount of people face serious career issues when they are arrested for driving while impaired.

In some fields, a DWI conviction may lead to automatic termination or loss of license. For example, consider a commercial truck driver who loses their license for a year after being convicted or refusing a breath test. Any career options that require a significant amount of on-the-road time or travel between job sites is likely to be unavailable to those with a recent DWI conviction.

Those in other fields may also be at risk of losing their license, although DWI does not lead to automatic suspension in most fields. If your DWI reflects poorly on your employer, you could be warned or demoted for your actions. If you were on the clock or providing patient care while under the influence and the DWI led to the discovery of this behavior, you could be terminated and/or lose your license.

Your career may not immediately be impacted by your DWI, but the effects could become apparent when you are ready to switch jobs or apply for a promotion. A growing number of employers perform background checks on all applicants and new hires. A DWI conviction on your record could lead you to be automatically disqualified from certain positions or cause employers to choose other candidates over you. It is truly essential to avoid a DWI conviction if at all possible.

Taking the Right Steps to Protect Your License and Career Prospects

A DWI arrest or conviction can have a ripple effect on every part of your life, from your financial well-being, to your career prospects and stability. The long-reaching consequences of a DWI cannot be accurately predicted without the assistance of an attorney. If you work in a licensed profession and you worry about losing your license after a DWI arrest, it is essential to talk to an attorney about protecting your professional license against DWI charges.

Your attorney can help you navigate every step of this process. They will discuss mandatory reporting requirements with you and help you meet the requirements outlined by your licensing board, look for DWI defenses to have your charges reduced or dismissed, and work to minimize the professional fallout of your arrest.

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