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Category: Professional License Defense

Drug Charges for Medical Professionals

Medical professionals are under an enormous amount of stress every single day. Between patient demands, irregular schedules, and increasingly intense standards set by administrative professionals, the pressure of healthcare work is unfathomable. As a result, substance abuse is not an uncommon problem in this field….

Protecting Your Professional License Against DWI Charges

In the wake of a DWI arrest, you may be worried about the fines you’ll be required to pay, possible jail time, and the fact that you may no longer have a driver’s license. Few people think about the effect a DWI can have on…

Managing a College Administrative Hearing and Criminal Charges

If you’ve been charged with a crime, even a minor offense, you may be shocked when you learned that it has led to a disciplinary proceeding at your school. You may be aware of the potential criminal punishments you are facing, but the disciplinary process…

Keeping Your Professional License After a Criminal Charge

Many people are shocked to discover that a criminal conviction can result in the loss of their professional license. On top of the criminal penalties you face upon conviction, you could be out of work in your chosen profession. If you hold a professional license…