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Experts You May Use in Your Personal Injury Case

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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

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Any time you’re hurt in a motor vehicle crash, slip and fall, medical malpractice, or other incident, proof is critical for recovering compensation. Evidence is what establishes your rights in a personal injury claim, especially with regards to fault and the nature of your injuries. These liability issues are usually quite murky, which is why your North Carolina personal injury lawyer may rely on personal injury experts for specialized support. These individuals play an integral role in your claim, whether you’re dealing with an insurance company or proving your case in court.

As part of our dedication to getting fair compensation for our clients, our team at Randall & Stump, Criminal Defense Attorneys regularly works with experts in a wide range of disciplines. We’ve developed relationships with many of these professionals, so we have access to their specialized knowledge throughout the claims process. If you were hurt in any type of accident, please contact our Charlotte office to schedule a free consultation with a North Carolina personal injury attorney. We can explain more about the resources we use in fighting for your rights, but some background information may also be useful. Call us at

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The Role of Experts in Personal Injury Cases

To understand the types of experts that may be involved with your claim, it’s helpful to learn the role that they play. While attorneys have extensive knowledge and experience in legal matters, they may not possess an in-depth background in other areas. As such, lawyers need input and insight from individuals who do have specialized skills. There are two key areas where experts may participate in your case:

  1. Consultation: Attorneys often work closely with experts as they’re investigating your accident, preparing documents for an insurance claim, and developing a strategy for trial.
  2. Testimony: North Carolina Rules of Evidence allow experts to testify in court where their specialized knowledge can help the jury understand the evidence or certain facts in the case.

In some cases, one person will act as both a consulting and testifying expert, but it’s not required. You should also note that your lawyer may retain an expert during the pre-trial phases of a case, yet not put that person on the stand as a witness. The strategy for using experts will depend on your specific situation.

Types of Experts to Support Your Claim

Though every case is different, attorneys often call upon the services of certain types of personal injury experts. Examples include:

Medical Experts: Perhaps the most common experts in accident claims are physicians and health care providers. Their contribution is essential for simplifying extremely technical medical issues, putting complicated concepts into laymen’s terms for the finder of fact – i.e., the judge or jury. Your medical records may be useful in describing your injuries and treatment, but they don’t go very far to explain your pain, suffering, and emotional losses. Medical experts can detail how your injuries affect your quality of life, so you’re in a better position to get the top compensation available by law.

Accident Reconstruction Specialists: One of the most hotly contested issues in a personal injury accident is fault. An insurance company will dispute your version of the incident in an effort to avoid paying your rightful claim. An accident reconstruction expert has a focused background in the laws of physics, along with training in the use of computer software and other solutions. These specialists can demonstrate how an accident most likely happened, to establish fault of the other party.

Financial and Actuarial Experts: Some accidents are so severe that they affect your ability to work in the long term, so you may be able to recover for future earning capacity. Actuarial professionals review your current pay, conditions in the relevant market sector, and other factors to describe what your income would have been had the accident never happened. Without their input, your right to future earnings would be speculative and you may not be able to seek damages for these losses.

Discuss Your Claim with a North Carolina Personal Injury Lawyer Today

These are just a few of the personal injury experts our attorneys at Randall & Stump, Criminal Defense Attorneys utilize when advocating on behalf of accident victims. We also take advantage of many other resources for support when we’re developing a strategy to protect your interests. For more information on our legal services, please call (980) 237-4579 to speak with a member of our team. We’re happy to set up a no-cost case assessment at our Charlotte, NC office.