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Common Places for Truck Accidents in Charlotte

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At Randall & Stump, Criminal Defense Attorneys, our truck accident attorneys like to keep track of the most recent data on truck accidents in Charlotte. Every year, we help many individuals who were injured in vehicle-truck collisions, as well as families who lost loved ones in truck wrecks. By familiarizing ourselves with truck accident data for the city and region, we are better prepared to investigate your truck accident, determine what went wrong and why, which are crucial in proving the other party’s liability.

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Charlotte, NC Truck Accident Statistics

According to the Highway Safety Research Center at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, in 2017, the city of Charlotte, NC experienced 2,166 crashes in which at least one vehicle was a large truck or bus.

In 2017, 1,690 truck accidents in Charlotte were in an urban environment.
Another 165 truck wrecks were in a rural area, while 311 truck crashes were in mixed areas, which are areas categorized as between 30-70 percent developed. It makes sense that a majority of truck accidents in Charlotte would occur in urban, developed areas where there may be a greater amount of traffic and additional hazards.

There were 1,227 truck wrecks on local streets in Charlotte in 2017.
The Center found 859 truck crashes occurred on interstates, 44 on North Carolina routes, and 36 on U.S. routes. From these figures, we can assume that more than half of Charlotte truck accidents occur on local streets in urban areas.

1,707 accidents were on roads with no special feature.
24 crashes involved bridges, 127 were at four-way intersections, 101 occurred at t-intersections, 66 happened on off-ramps, 25 occurred on off-ramp terminals on crossroads, and 23 happened on off-ramp entries. From these statistics, we can gather that there may be an increased risk of truck accidents at intersections, on bridges, and at on and off ramps.

Truck accidents occur throughout the city, and the type of neighborhood and road may have nothing to do with the crash. Truck accidents are often caused by the truck driver’s negligence, including distraction, speeding, intoxication, and drowsiness.

Charlotte’s Most Dangerous Intersections

The Charlotte Department of Transportation (CDOT) keeps track of high accident locations, though it does not distinguish between truck and car accidents for this data. In 2017, the Top 10 high accident locations, sorted by rank, were:

  1. Reagan Drive & Tom Hunter Road
  2. East 11th Street and North College Street
  3. South Church Street & West Hill Street
  4. John Kirk Drive & University City Boulevard
  5. North Shopping Center Drive & North Tryon Street
  6. East 9th Street & North College Street
  7. Barrington Drive & Milton Road
  8. East W.T. Harris Boulevard & North Tryon Street
  9. East 12th Street & East Brookshire Freeway
  10. Mulberry Church Road & Queen City Drive

Due to the number and severity of accidents that occur in these areas, Charlotte Department of Transportation (CDOT) has placed a specific focus on improving these intersections and making them safer. The crash data for this ranking involves all vehicle collisions. However, since truck drivers are not immune to the risks faced by regular drivers, it is safe to assume that truck accidents have occurred at these intersections as well.

Were You in a Truck Accident in Charlotte?

If you were injured or lost a relative in a truck accident in Charlotte, NC, do not hesitate to speak with an experienced truck accident lawyer. By talking with an attorney from Randall & Stump, Criminal Defense Attorneys, you will gain better insight into truck accident law and your legal options. If there is evidence that the truck driver or another party caused the crash, then your attorney can guide you through pursuing compensation through an insurance claim and truck accident litigation.

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