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Category: Criminal Defense

What is Felony Larceny?

Even accusations of theft or other forms of larceny are serious. They suggest that you’re dishonest, which is something that follows you, especially if you’re criminally charged, or worse yet – convicted. If you are arrested, it’s essential to know whether you face a misdemeanor…

What’s Reasonable Suspicion in North Carolina?

Law enforcement needs to jump through a few hoops to investigate, detain, and arrest someone properly. In fact, criminal charges should be dismissed if they try to shortcut someone’s rights by ignoring their legal protections. Investigations into possible criminal behavior follow the same course: the…

What’s Considered Self-Defense in North Carolina?

Self-defense in North Carolina refers to protecting yourself, others, or your property through the use of force. Depending on the facts, acting in self-defense can help you avoid criminal charges. But the facts must back up your claim. Self-defense is an affirmative defense. Therefore, you’re…

Is North Carolina A ‘Stand Your Ground’ State?

North Carolina is a “stand your ground” state because of its civil and criminal law protections for those using force to defend themselves under certain circumstances. This includes instances when there’s no duty to retreat, so you can “stand your ground” and legally use force….