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Car Accident Statistics in Charlotte

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Monday, January 14, 2019


At Randall & Stump, Criminal Defense Attorneys, we keep a close eye on Charlotte car accident statistics. Many of these figures can seem meaningless. When closely reviewed, the data offers insight into why many crashes occur. By understanding the common factors in accidents, we can perform independent investigations of our clients’ car collisions. When we know why crashes occur, our car accident lawyers know where to look for evidence, and which questions to ask.

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2017 Charlotte, NC Car Crash Statistics

There were 33,358 car accidents in Charlotte throughout the year in 2017, according to the Highway Safety Research Center at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Of these crashes, 22,471 accidents caused only property damage; 10,797 caused non-fatal injuries; and 90 were fatal. The accidents that led to injuries involved a wide range of types of harm, including 133 that led to a disabling injury.

Auto accidents in Charlotte involve more than personal cars, though these are the majority of the type of vehicles involved in these collisions. Other types of vehicles involved in Charlotte, NC accidents include:

  • Large trucks and buses – 2,166 crashes
  • Bicycles – 119 crashes
  • Motorcycles – 253 crashes
  • Pedestrians – 386 crashes

When Do Charlotte Crashes Occur?

Many months of 2017 saw similar crash rates in Charlotte, NC, though there were differences:

  • January – 2,624 crashes
  • February – 2,397 crashes
  • March – 2,776 crashes
  • April – 2,772 crashes
  • May – 2,881 crashes
  • June – 2,760 crashes
  • July – 2,622 crashes
  • August – 2,852 crashes
  • September – 2,726 crashes
  • October – 3,264 crashes
  • November – 2,851 crashes
  • December – 2,833 crashes

There also were significant differences in the number of accidents the days of the week saw:

  • Sunday – 3,199 crashes
  • Monday – 4,880 crashes
  • Tuesday – 5,287 crashes
  • Wednesday – 5,322 crashes
  • Thursday – 5,049 crashes
  • Friday – 5,614 crashes
  • Saturday – 4,007 crashes

What Causes Charlotte Car Accidents?

It can be difficult to determine why each collision occurs. However, there is data regarding many potentially relevant factors. For instance, alcohol was involved in 955 crashes in 2017. This does not mean the at-fault driver was intoxicated, necessarily, but it does mean that at least one driver had alcohol in their system at the time of the accident. Also, 1,408 crashes were related to speed, suggesting that many negligent drivers were moving too fast (or too slow) for the amount of traffic, the type of roadway, the road conditions, and/or the weather conditions.

Another clue as to why accidents happened is the first harmful event related to the crash. In 2017, the first harmful events included:

  • Animal – 311 crashes
  • Backing up – 611 crashes
  • Jackknife – 40 crashes
  • Left-turn, different roadways – 1,186 crashes
  • Left-turn, same roadways – 1,254 crashes
  • Overturn/rollover – 121 crashes
  • Parked vehicle – 437 crashes
  • Ran off the road, left – 774 crashes
  • Ran off the road, right – 1,269 crashes
  • Right turn, different roadways – 298 crashes
  • Right turn, same roadway – 309 crashes

Other factors also contribute to accidents, including road conditions, weather conditions, and the presence of work zones. For example, 4,862 collisions occurred on wet roads, 146 occurred when there was standing or moving water on the roads, and 85 occurred when there was ice on the roads.

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