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What to do if you are pulled over for a DWI in Charlotte, NC

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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

DUI Checkpoint in Charlotte, NC

Most North Carolina drivers know that they should never drive if they are intoxicated. However, if a driver should be pulled over by law enforcement after one or two drinks, he or she may want to know how to act to prevent legal action that might have jeopardizing consequences. If a driver avoids erratic or unsafe driving, chances of a wrongful arrest for DWI might be minimized.

Having a designated driver is the safest option, but the officer must have probable cause to make an arrest, and if the driver is cautious and does not provide such cause, an arrest might be avoided. However, a driver who is pulled over must park safely and do nothing suspicious. If all the instructions of the officer are obeyed, there may be no reason for concern. Politely interacting with the police officer may also be beneficial.

The police will likely ask many questions, and while it is important to answer them honestly, the driver may refuse to answer questions that might be incriminating. Only questions about personal details, license and registration must be answered, but if asked how much a person had to drink and where he or she came from, the driver may refuse to answer. A driver also has the right to refuse to provide blood or urine samples for toxicology testing.

However, the most logical thing to do for a North Carolina driver is to call an experienced DWI defense attorney, regardless of whether the person is intoxicated or not. A lawyer can explain and protect the driver’s rights and make sure that the driver is only questioned in his or her presence. A lawyer can advocate for the accused person and work to get the best possible outcome.

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