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On behalf of Randall & Stump, PLLC in Uncategorized on Monday, June 25, 2018

Posted by a criminal defense client

After interviewing several lawyers and within 10 minutes of speaking with Ryan, I was confident that Mr. Stump was the best choice to handle my case. His diligence, work ethic, professionalism and legal expertise are not just the qualities that win cases, but also make him a trustworthy lawyer people can rely on. Unlike most lawyers who pitch a business approach to winning cases, Ryan pitches the actual law and gives clients the realities of their legal situations. He doesn’t sugarcoat the law. He works hard to uphold the law, while simultaneously providing excellent legal service that makes clients feel secure. He has a diverse résumé of experiences from all types of people that gives him the ability to tackle any legal situation. There is no case Ryan cannot handle. Ryan is very professional in law, but he is also down to earth, making him an excellent lawyer to work with. He can make clients feel confident in their legal situation. Besides his ability to reply to emails and phone calls promptly, arrive early for meetings, be flexible in scheduling, and be patient to handle the many questions I had, I am beyond grateful for Ryan’s legal services mostly because he is a person I can trust. That is what drives clients such as myself to work with him.