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Category: Drug Crimes

What Is Considered Possession in North Carolina?

Have you or a relative been charged with drug possession? Drug possession charges in North Carolina rest on whether you possessed a controlled substance. If you did, you’re facing a misdemeanor or felony charge depending on the type of drug, packaging of the drug, and…

Will I Go To Prison After Being Arrested for Drug Trafficking?

Movies often portray “drug trafficking” as a large, complex criminal enterprise. Still, in the real world, drug trafficking charges in North Carolina can be levied for possession of controlled substances, simply based on the weight or quantity possessed, and no direct evidence that the drugs…

Drug Charges for Medical Professionals

Medical professionals are under an enormous amount of stress every single day. Between patient demands, irregular schedules, and increasingly intense standards set by administrative professionals, the pressure of healthcare work is unfathomable. As a result, substance abuse is not an uncommon problem in this field….

What You Need to Know About Federal Felony Drug Crimes

There are no criminal charges that should be taken lightly, and this is particularly true with federal drug charges. There is a serious societal stigma against drug crimes, and a conviction can impact every area of your life. Federal felony drug crimes often have substantial…