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Probation for Client Charged with Healthcare Fraud

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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Our client was charged with conspiracy to commit health care fraud. There was a loss of $3,402,040.32. Going into sentencing, our client was facing a 10-year prison sentence, but our Charlotte federal lawyers advocated for the client’s best interests and successfully arranged for probation in lieu of prison.

Our client and a family member were charged with distribution of methamphetamine in southeastern North Carolina. As federal drug charges, the conspiracy was allegedly responsible for over one-quarter pound of meth per day. Throughout the pretrial phase of the case, our federal lawyers found numerous discrepancies in the investigation and uncovered that one of the case agents had altered documents and withheld information. On the eve of trial, we could negotiate a plea that limited the client’s exposure to a maximum of five years and not a mandatory 10 years in prison. The client was sentenced to 51 months, his co-defendant 364 months.