Defense Strategies To Violent Crimes & Weapons Offenses

A fight that escalated at the bar or a dispute with a significant other that got out of hand might have been the start. Now how do you move past violent crime charges? You need to speak to an attorney with a proven record of success defending others who have faced similarly difficult situations.

At Randall & Stump, PLLC, we can aggressively defend you against violent crime charges/weapons-related offenses and as our results show, we know how to win. Our lawyers have made standing up for the rights of the accused the focus of their careers.

Our attorneys wrote the book on criminal procedure in North Carolina. This experience is crucial when you face significant penalties that include prison, fines and lengthy probation. We can sit down with you, assess your case and help you understand your options for obtaining a resolution that is in your best interest.

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A Tailored Approach Based On Your Situation

The defense strategy we use on your behalf will depend on the facts of your case. Sometimes, it is appropriate to argue self-defense. Other cases may hinge on mistaken identity. Or maybe the victim's injuries were not caused by you at all. We will conduct our own investigation and explore every viable defense strategy to help you avoid the consequences that come from a conviction.

We apply a thorough approach when criminal allegations result in any of the following:

If convicted of any of these serious offenses, you could face years, even decades, in prison. To limit the consequences and potentially avoid the stigma that comes with a conviction, you need an experienced defense attorney who has handled these issues before.

What Are Your Options?

You need to understand the specific penalties of a charge as well as any potential defense. Our lawyers can answer questions and then go to work providing you with the skilled defense you need to move forward with your life.

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