Lawyers For False Accusations Of Domestic Violence

It's just about the oldest trick in the book: When a custody battle begins brewing during a divorce or breakup of a domestic partnership, one party tries to get the upper hand by accusing the other of child abuse or domestic violence.

Some divorce attorneys even recommend it as a strategy, knowing it won't go far in court, except to plant the seed in the judge's mind if the case goes to trial.

We Will Fight To Dismiss The Charges And Restore Your Reputation

At Randall & Stump, PLLC, in Charlotte, we aggressively protect the rights of individuals who have been falsely accused of domestic abuse. That means thoroughly investigating the motivation the accuser may have for making the accusation or filing the charges. We follow through with interviewing key witnesses and preparing the strongest case possible for a winning defense.

"When it comes to false accusations of domestic abuse, we do more than just try to get the charges dismissed. We go out of our way to make sure the false charges don't impact your future. At Randall & Stump, it's not just about criminal defense; it's about protecting your reputation." Attorney Ryan Stump

Allegations of domestic violence in North Carolina usually result in both a civil hearing (potentially a 50B or 50C hearing) and a criminal assault charge. Depending on what the accuser says, the charge could range from a misdemeanor assault on a female up to more serious felony assault.

Call Us Immediately To Discuss False Accusations With A Lawyer

If you have come under questioning by the police or family social services about possible domestic abuse, get immediate help. The sooner we start investigating the circumstances, the better opportunity we will have for dismissing the false charges.

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