Defending You Against Allegations Of A Sex Crime

Are defenses available if you have been charged with a sex crime? There are, and you must know that this is not the end of your life. But your rights, your reputation and your very freedom are at risk.

Because those accused of sex crimes can quickly be found guilty in the court of public opinion before they are even given a trial, you need to act quickly to bring on a tough defense attorney. You are innocent of these charges until proven guilty — and proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

At Randall & Stump, PLLC, our criminal defense lawyers have handled a broad range of sex-related cases, including those involving allegations of sexual assault (rape), child sex offense, and charges relating to child pornography. We will work tirelessly to help you avoid a conviction, which comes with severe penalties, including mandatory registration as a sex offender.

First-Degree Rape Charges

To prove that a forcible rape occurred, the prosecution must generally prove that intercourse occurred in one of three scenarios:

  • By displaying or threatening to use a dangerous weapon — if this is the accusation, a related weapons offense is also possible
  • By inflicting serious personal injury
  • When one or more other people were involved

The charge is very serious and classified as a B1 felony. In addition to fines, fees and prison time, a unique consequence of this crime is that a person convicted has no child custody rights. If there was a previous relationship, these allegations are detrimental in any family court proceeding.

Lesser forcible rape/sex offenses might be charged based on the specific allegations and lack of some of the above factors. But these are still generally felony-level offenses with severe penalties.

Child Sex Crimes

When a child makes an accusation of inappropriate sexual relations, the penalties on the table could include a lengthy prison sentences, fines and probation. To mount the strongest defense you need an attorney who understands the delicate issues at play. For example, questioning credibility or the accuracy of an allegation must be done carefully.

Fighting False Accusations

An all-too-common occurrence at colleges is a house party or night of clubbing that ends in a sexual encounter and an accusation of date rape. While rape victims deserve every legal recourse available, those who make false accusations should not be allowed to tarnish the reputations and compromise the futures of the accused.

We aggressively defend the rights of area college students and anyone else facing false accusations of rape and other sex crimes. We thoroughly investigate these cases to obtain the facts and to help our clients avoid the consequences of a sexual assault conviction.

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