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Hospital director of finance pleads guilty to white collar crimes

According to a report by the U.S. Department of Justice, a 46-year-old Kernersville woman pleaded guilty to multiple felony charges on a recent Tuesday. The woman, who had been working in the finance and accounting department of a North Carolina hospital for over 20 years, apparently stole over $3 million from her employer. The federal charges for white collar crimes included embezzlement that involved bank and wire fraud along with aggravated identity theft.

Hip-hop band members accused of white collar crimes

Police detectives in Charlotte, North Carolina said residents might be surprised at the prevalence of identity fraud that takes place in all communities. This is one of the white collar crimes in which friends, neighbors and relatives are often the victims of criminals. Seven members of a local hip-hop band were recently indicted in federal court after investigators claim they found evidence of involvement in complicated fraud schemes.

White collar crimes may have severe consequences

Two men from another country were recently arrested in North Carolina. They are accused of white collar crimes involving the cloning of credit cards. Authorities in Bladen County claim the two individuals were in possession of 326 cloned credit cards at the time of their arrests.

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