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Hospital director of finance pleads guilty to white collar crimes

According to a report by the U.S. Department of Justice, a 46-year-old Kernersville woman pleaded guilty to multiple felony charges on a recent Tuesday. The woman, who had been working in the finance and accounting department of a North Carolina hospital for over 20 years, apparently stole over $3 million from her employer. The federal charges for white collar crimes included embezzlement that involved bank and wire fraud along with aggravated identity theft.

The woman is said to have embezzled the funds by making multiple transfers from a subsidiary account of the hospital into a Wells Fargo account. Reportedly, the funds were used to pay off loans and credit cards and to buy a BMW and a Harley-Davidson. Apparently, a variety of Louis Vuitton products were found in her possession upon her arrest.

Authorities say the woman was fired last August. The embezzlement allegedly occurred from 2003 through 2017. According to the plea agreement, the woman will forfeit $3.8 million, the Louis Vuitton items and the luxury motor vehicles. She is awaiting the sentencing hearing, which is scheduled to take place in May.

North Carolina residents who find themselves in similar situations may choose to retain the services of an attorney who is experienced in protecting the rights of those facing charges for white collar crimes. A lawyer can explain the charges and review the potential defense strategies. Whether the charges are at the state or federal level, the attorney will fight to protect the legal rights of the client while pursuing the best possible result under the circumstances.

Source: newsobserver.com, "$3 million stolen by hospital employee, pleads guilty", Camila Molina, Feb. 8, 2018

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