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Driver of stationary car in turn lane faces DWI charge

Consuming alcohol before driving can have serious consequences. Even if a driver who is intoxicated did not cause an accident, and he or she was found just sitting in a car and not driving, being behind the steering wheel with a key in the ignition could be seen as driving while intoxicated. This was underscored when a North Carolina driver was arrested on a recent Saturday morning. A 46-year-old man from Greensburg is now facing DWI charges.

According to an arrest report that was filed by police in Lady Lake, officers became suspicious when they noticed a stationary vehicle in the turn lane at an intersection on Highway 27. The report indicates that an officer approached the vehicle shortly before 2 a.m. The driver allegedly confessed to having a couple of alcoholic beverages.

The officer claims that the driver failed a field sobriety test. Furthermore, two separate breath samples were allegedly analyzed, each indicating a blood alcohol level of .142 percent, which is higher than the legal limit of .08 percent. The man was arrested and booked into the jail in Lake County on charges of driving while intoxicated. Reportedly, he has since posted a bond of $1,000, and allowed to go free.

The consequences of a conviction on a DWI charge can be devastating, and for that reason, others in similar situations typically retain the services of an experienced North Carolina criminal defense attorney to advocate for them. The lawyer can assess the charges and the evidence, including the procedures used during the determination of the blood alcohol level and the arrest. Based on the gathered information, the attorney can devise a defense strategy with the goal of achieving the best possible outcome under the circumstances.

Source: villages-news.com, "North Carolina man arrested on DUI charge after car found in turn lane in The Villages", Jan. 22, 2018

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