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What to do if you are pulled over for DWI

Most North Carolina drivers know that they should never drive if they are intoxicated. However, if a driver should be pulled over by law enforcement after one or two drinks, he or she may want to know how to act to prevent legal action that might have jeopardizing consequences. If a driver avoids erratic or unsafe driving, chances of a wrongful arrest for DWI might be minimized.

White collar crimes may have severe consequences

Two men from another country were recently arrested in North Carolina. They are accused of white collar crimes involving the cloning of credit cards. Authorities in Bladen County claim the two individuals were in possession of 326 cloned credit cards at the time of their arrests.

Drunk driving accidents can lead to increased penalties

The impacts of drunk driving charges can't be denied. You face considerable penalties that range from administrative and criminal to collateral. Each of these can make your life very difficult. They can change how you are able to live and can even affect your job possibilities.

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