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Sexual Abuse - What is a Sex Offense in North Carolina?

Our blog topic today deals with sexual abuse, namely the two types of first degree sex offense under North Carolina Law.  There are two types of First Degree Sex Offenses in North Carolina.  Forcible Sexual offense and Statutory Sexual Offense.  For a person to be found guilty of first degree forcible sexual offense, it must be proven beyond a resonable doubt that, a person engages in a sexual act with another person by force and against the will of the other person, and does any of the following: (1)  Employs or displays a dangerous or deadly weapon or an article which the other person reasonably believes to be a dangerous or deadly weapon. (2)  Inflicts serious personal injury upon the victim or another person. (3)  The person commits the offense aided and abetted by one or more other persons. For a person to be found guilty of first-degree statutory sexual offense it must be proven beyond a resonable doubt that the person engaged in a sexual act with a victim who is a child under the age of 13 years and the defendant is at least 12 years old and is at least four years older than the victim. 

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