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Court Gavel

What Makes a Crime a Federal Offense?

21.08.2019 in Criminal Defense

Federal crimes involve conduct that, for various reasons, proceeds through the U.S. court system instead of being governed by North Carolina criminal laws. The distinction is important, since the process is much more complicated if you’re facing charges for a federal offense. Plus, the potential…

Man determining who's at fault in accident

How Is Fault Determined in Charlotte Car Accidents?

12.08.2019 in Car Accidents

Your life could be turned upside down when you’re hurt in a motor vehicle accident, so it’s a relief to know that North Carolina law may allow you to seek compensation for your losses. The key to success with your claim is being able to…

Taking the guilty plea

Can I Take Back a Guilty Plea?

05.08.2019 in Criminal Defense

Buyer’s remorse is a common phenomenon with any type of decision, but the stakes are higher when the subject of your regret is a guilty plea in a North Carolina criminal case. When you’re overwhelmed by the charges against you and the complexities of the…