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Criminal Law – Sex Crimes

17.11.2015 in Child Sex Crimes, Criminal Defense, Rape, Sex Crimes

Under North Carolina Criminal Law, Sex Crimes carry significant penalties and collateral consequences.  Being charged with a sex related crime can make a person and their family feel isolated, ostracized and vilified. The range of charges for sex crimes under North Carolina Criminal Law goes…

Criminal Law – First Appearance

21.09.2015 in Criminal Defense, First Appearance

In a Criminal Law case, one concern of people is what to expect on their first court date.  For people that have never been in trouble before, your first appearance in court can be a stressful experience.   Most state court criminal law cases progress…

Criminal Law: The police want to talk to me.

02.09.2015 in Charlotte, Criminal Defense

As part of our criminal law practice, we receive calls all the time from people that have been contacted by a law enforcement officer that wants to “talk” to them about a criminal investigation.  The investigator will often tell someone that “they just want to get their…