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Truck Backing Into a Car

Common Insurance Issues After a Truck Accident

07.08.2018 in Truck Accidents

Any car accident is an upsetting experience. An accident involving a truck, however, is even more serious than your average crash. The sheer size of these vehicles means that you’re at risk of more property damage and severe injuries. Furthermore, trucks often carry heavy or…

Sale of Drugs in Charlotte, NC

7 arrested in North Carolina for various drug offenses

19.12.2017 in Drug Offenses

Federal officials and North Carolina law enforcement pursue drug-related crimes with aggression, and consequences of a conviction could be devastating to the life of any person who is accused of such crimes. It could mean stiff fines, jail time and might even lead to rejections…

Multi-Car Accident in Charlotte, NC

Driver faces DWI charges after 2-car crash that injured 5

06.12.2017 in DWI

When a person faces drunk driving charges in North Carolina, it does not necessarily mean he or she will be convicted. However, if a driver is convicted of DWI, the consequences can be life-changing. Along with steep fines, a driver’s license suspension and increased rates…

DUI Checkpoint in Charlotte, NC

What to do if you are pulled over for DWI

22.11.2017 in DWI

Most North Carolina drivers know that they should never drive if they are intoxicated. However, if a driver should be pulled over by law enforcement after one or two drinks, he or she may want to know how to act to prevent legal action that…

Man Charged White Collar Crimes

White collar crimes may have severe consequences

09.11.2017 in White Collar Crimes

Two men from another country were recently arrested in North Carolina. They are accused of white collar crimes involving the cloning of credit cards. Authorities in Bladen County claim the two individuals were in possession of 326 cloned credit cards at the time of their arrests. It…