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Mecklenburg County misdemeanor court

Mecklenburg County Misdemeanor Court Process

16.04.2019 in Criminal Defense

If you or a loved one were recently arrested for a misdemeanor in Mecklenburg County, then you may be lost as to what happens next. Without previous experience in the criminal court system, you may not know how it works, and what is required of…


Theft Crimes in North Carolina: What Is Shoplifting?

12.04.2019 in theft crimes

In North Carolina, there are a number of theft crimes people get charged with and depending on the facts of the case, the same criminal conduct could lead to felony charges versus being charged with a misdemeanor. Below, we will touch on what constitutes the…

Sex crimes require registration

Which NC Sex Crime Convictions Require Sex Offender Registration

09.04.2019 in Sex Crimes

Many sex crimes carry harsh penalties, such as lengthy prison sentences and heavy fines. In addition to the statutory penalties of a sexual offense, you face a host of collateral consequences, including – but not limited to – challenges finding housing, issues relating to child…

expungement law

New Expungement Law – Are you Eligible?

05.04.2019 in Blog

In August 2017, the North Carolina General Legislature made sweeping changes to the existing expungement laws in North Carolina, which will benefit a substantial number of people who were previously denied the ability to file in the past. The changes made by the legislature become…

college admissions scam

Dozens Facing Federal Charges in College Admissions-Related Scam

04.04.2019 in Federal Charges

You have no doubt heard about the college admissions scam, dubbed Operation Varsity Blues, wherein 50 people were charged with bribing admissions and standardized testing personnel in order to gain college acceptances for their children. The scandal has received widespread media attention due to the…