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Man holding large stack of cash

What is Felony Larceny?

25.02.2022 in Criminal Defense, Larceny

Even accusations of theft or other forms of larceny are serious. They suggest that you’re dishonest, which is something that follows you, especially if you’re criminally charged, or worse yet – convicted. If you are arrested, it’s essential to know whether you face a misdemeanor…

What Does "Indict" Mean?

What Does Indicted Mean?

26.04.2020 in Criminal Defense

Whether you’re watching the news or concerned about a criminal investigation involving you or a loved one, you should know what the term “indicted” means. Being indicted means to be formally charged with a serious crime, which results after a Grand Jury convenes to hear…

What is a Confidential Informant?

What Is a Confidential Informant?

07.04.2020 in Criminal Defense

A confidential informant (CI) is an individual who gives information about on-going criminal activity to the police. Informants usually provide information in exchange for reduced charges or immunity, though CIs can be individuals facing no criminal charges themselves. Both federal and state law enforcement officers…