Public Corruption Investigations

In North Carolina, federal, state and local authorities investigate allegations of public corruption. In some cases, these agencies work independently; in most cases, however, they work together to build an airtight case against the person accused. With multiple agencies working together, there is always the risk that someone suspected of public corruption could be charged in either state or federal court.

At Randall & Stump, PLLC, we can help you understand what you are facing based on the specific charges and where they have been filed. After discussing the details of your case, we will also explain potential defense strategies that might be available. Our attorneys have extensive experience defending cases in state and federal courts throughout North Carolina.

Undercover Investigations

A large part of the investigation is typically done undercover and behind closed doors to prevent detection until the suspect is charged. Such an investigation may kick off with accusations by an anonymous source.

  • An example of such a covert and extensive investigation is that of former Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon, who was investigated and charged federally with public corruption.
  • While cases involving politicians are typical, charges can also be brought against police officers, sheriff's deputies, court officials, local government officials and other elected officials.

Because of the nature of these investigations, the defense strategy must be put into place quickly.

Nearly Unlimited Resources

Whether the investigation is being handled by state or federal agencies, the government has unlimited resources to build its case. When local, state and federal agencies work to build the case, it allows the agencies to pick and choose what cases to prosecute. This often means charges are filed in the jurisdiction that has the most severe punishment.

At the same time, the tools of each prosecuting agency differ. Federal prosecutors can use investigative grand juries to gather records and compel testimony in public corruption cases. State prosecutors cannot use this tool except in certain drug cases.

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