Assault On A Female Charges

It is safe to say that all couples fight or argue at one point or another. When these altercations escalate and the police are called, however, both parties can face serious legal consequences. This is especially true if a woman or the police file assault on a female charges against a man.

These charges can lead to jail time, significant fines, loss of employment, and they can cause a father to lose custody of his children, if the charges result in a conviction. The good news is that with an experienced lawyer on your side, your chances of having the charges reduced or dismissed could increase greatly.

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How Assault On A Female Charges Are Treated Under The Law

North Carolina takes violent crimes seriously, especially when the alleged victim is a female and the alleged aggressor is a male 18 or older. In fact, while assaults involving members of the same sex or even a female assaulting a male are generally classified as Class 2 misdemeanors, assault on a female by a male over the age of 18 is considered a Class A1 misdemeanor.

In effect, this difference can lead to a jail sentence that is twice as long. Additionally, if convicted you face the consequences that go along with being labeled as someone who abuses women.

If you are facing assault on a female charges in North Carolina, you must take the allegations seriously. Before making any type of statement to the police or anyone else, you should contact an experienced defense lawyer who can stand up for your rights and your future.

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