False Insurance Claims And Allegations Of Arson

As we all know, buildings, including homes and offices, catch fire for a multitude of reasons. It may be that someone accidentally left a candle burning when he or she left the house, it could be a natural disaster or it could be the intentional act of someone. After a police, fire department, and/or insurance investigation, if it is determined to be an intentional act, criminal charges will be filed immediately.

If an insurance claim is filed by the accused as a result of the fire, a possible collateral consequence of being charged with arson could be insurance fraud. If arson allegations arise, speak with a criminal defense attorney before making a statement to anyone.

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Different Degrees

North Carolina criminal law includes two degrees of severity for charging and punishment purposes. These are first-degree and second-degree arson.

  • First-degree arson is charged when the dwelling or building that was burned was occupied. First-degree arson is considered a Class D felony.

  • In a second-degree arson charge, the dwelling or building does not have to be occupied. This is considered a Class G felony for punishment purposes.

A knowledgeable defense lawyer can identify potential defenses based on what happened in your case. There could be issues with the way evidence was obtained, whether the elements of the charge can be met or questions regarding the opinion of an expert.

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