Fighting Criminal Charges Against College Students

The stakes are high for anyone facing a criminal charge, even for minor offenses like misdemeanor marijuana possession, possession of drug paraphernalia or underage drinking. For college students they are much higher, because of the endless collateral consequences that can put a future at risk.

The attorneys at Randall & Stump, PLLC, are here to fight for you whether it is in the state or federal court or before a school hearing board. Our attorneys helped write the book on criminal procedure and have the experience to obtain the best possible outcome.

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Endless Collateral Consequences

As a college student, you need to get sound, individualized legal advice before accepting any plea agreement. Will you have to go through a student hearing for violating your school's code of conduct? What are you studying? Certain professions may view a criminal conviction as a reason to deny a license, which could cut off a promising career. Could a conviction adversely affect your financial aid package? Certain drug offenses, for example, may affect your scholarship eligibility.

Thinking forward to graduation; a criminal record could make potential employers think twice about giving you a chance. In a competitive job market, a criminal conviction for underage drinking could be the difference between two candidates. Is expungement a possibility? How long might you need to wait before requesting that a record be sealed?

The best way to avoid these consequences is to aggressively fight the charges and pursue a dismissal or reduction. Our lawyers are skilled trial attorneys with extensive experience defending clients against drug crimes, drunk driving, assault, underage drinking, disorderly conduct, sex crimes, including date rape and other crimes.

Fighting School Suspension Or Expulsion

We serve clients in Charlotte and throughout North Carolina, including students at local colleges and universities:

  • University of North Carolina at Charlotte
  • Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC)
  • Johnson C. Smith University

A disciplinary action at your school could also result in suspension or expulsion. You may not realize that an associated school hearing has a lower standard for admissibility of evidence and what you say during that hearing may be admitted against you in your criminal case.

Aggressive Defense Strategies

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