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7 arrested in North Carolina for various drug offenses

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Category Drug Offenses
Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Sale of Drugs in Charlotte, NC

Federal officials and North Carolina law enforcement pursue drug-related crimes with aggression, and consequences of a conviction could be devastating to the life of any person who is accused of such crimes. It could mean stiff fines, jail time and might even lead to rejections of job or housing applications if drug offenses show up in background checks. However, convictions can only be obtained if, and when, guilt beyond a reasonable doubt has been established.

This may be the consequences of convictions for seven people who were recently arrested. Along with another man who is still at large, they are all accused of dealing in drugs. A federal court has indicted the seven individuals for charges that include money laundering and drug trafficking.

The defendants’ ages range from 28 to 53 years, and the charges against them also include conspiracy to distribute and possess, and intention to distribute cocaine and cocaine base along with marijuana, fentanyl and heroin. Two of the accused individuals will also face money laundering charges. Along with the FBI Coastal Carolina Criminal Enterprise Task Force, several law enforcement agencies were involved in the investigation, including the Columbus County Sheriff’s Office, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.

Other people in North Carolina who have found themselves accused of drug offenses have chosen to seek skilled legal counsel to provide necessary support and guidance throughout the procedures in the criminal court. An experienced Charlotte criminal attorney can examine the charges and the evidence held by the prosecution. Based on this information and further investigations, the lawyer can explore the viable defense strategies that may lead to the best possible outcome.

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