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In North Carolina, theft crimes include robbery, armed robbery, burglary and shoplifting. Robbery and armed robbery are typically considered the most severe theft crimes. For a robbery charge, the crime must have been committed in the presence of the alleged victim and there must have been either an act of violence or threat of violence by the accused. In North Carolina, common law robbery is punished as a Class G felony, however, it may be enhanced depending on the facts, for example if a deadly weapon was used. If you face robbery charges, it is important to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney before making any statements to anyone, specifically police.

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At Randall & Stump, PLLC, we can help you understand your rights, the charges you face and potential defense strategies that may be available. Attorneys at our criminal defense firm have extensive experience handling violent crime cases such as robbery in both state and federal courts throughout North Carolina.

Robbery Charges In North Carolina

Often, people confuse robbery with burglary. The difference between the two crimes — robbery must be committed in the presence of the alleged victim — is what makes robbery a more severe crime.

A growing trend by the United States Attorney's Office in North Carolina is to charge robbery offenses, which start in state court, under the Hobbs Act. This means the accused now faces federal charges and a potentially much more severe punishment. Be certain that the attorney you hire has the experience and knowledge to handle your case, regardless of the court in which it is prosecuted. At Randall & Stump, PLLC, we have experience handling robbery cases in both state and federal courts across North Carolina.

It is important to hire a skilled and knowledgeable defense lawyer if you or a loved one is facing robbery charges. Whether you are under a precharge investigation or have already been charged with robbery, it is essential to hire an attorney with the skill and expertise to appropriately defend your case.

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