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Charlotte Domestic Violence Crimes Lawyers

North Carolina is tough on violent crimes. All too often emotions run high in domestic disputes between couples. Whether it be a couple currently involved in a relationship or a couple that recently split, all it takes is one argument that can lead to unintended circumstances. While anyone suffering from an abusive relationship deserves every possible legal recourse available, unfortunately, there is a growing trend to use domestic violence charges as a leverage or revenge tactic. If you face Domestic Violence charges in North Carolina, it is important to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney before speaking with law enforcement or anyone else.

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At Randall & Stump, PLLC, we can help you understand your rights, the charges you face and potential defense strategies that may be available. Our criminal defense attorneys have extensive experience handling Domestic Violence cases in state courts throughout North Carolina.

North Carolina Domestic Violence Charges

In North Carolina an allegation of domestic violence results in both a civil hearing (either a 50B or 50c hearing) and criminal charges by means of an assault charge. Depending on the nature of the act and the victim, the charge could range from Assault on a Female up to more serious felony assaults.

It is very important to hire skilled and knowledgeable legal representation for both the civil hearing and related criminal matter to ensure your rights and freedom are protected. While not a criminal charge, any "no contact" order, resulting from a 50B or 50c hearing, will show up on any background check, possibly causing many headaches down the road with your employment, owning a firearm or obtaining housing.

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